ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment

ANG series

AXIS (Poland)

Analytical balances ANG series

Professional electronic analytical balances AXIS Series ANG with automatic internal calibration, can be easily adapted to changes in the environment and have extremely accurate measurement, stable readings and reliability, which are combined with modern design, structural strength (aluminum alloy), convenience (glass showcase with tripartite access), and ease of use.

Standard functions:

  • Internal calibration when temperature changes and by time;
  • External calibration;
  • Ukrainian-text messages and screen tips;
  • Auto zero function;
  • Counting the number;
  • Built-in interface RS232C;
  • Install and print date and time of weighing.

Additional functions:

  • Weighing in carats, pounds;
  • Summation of components;
  • Setting thresholds of weighing (dosing);
  • Automatic printout of weighing results;
  • Date and time install and print;
  • Filtering external vibrations;
  • Automatic shutdown;
  • Summing measured results (TOTAL);
  • Adding value of the tare;
  • Definition of minimum, medium and maximum value;
  • Weighing in percentage (%) of a given weight.

Scales dimensions: 235×345×350 mm.

Indicator type - LCD with backlight.

Operating temperature range - 18...30° C.

Model Max, g Min, g Incrtment, mg Internal calibration Weighing cup size, mm
ANG50C 50 0,02 0,1 + Ø90
ANG100C 100 0,02 0,1 +
ANG200C 200 0,02 0,1 +

Scale accuracy class "I" according to ДСТУ EN45501:2007

Warranty period 3 years.

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