ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment

AS series

RADWAG (Poland)

Analytical balances AS series

Analytical electronic scales with LCD display "Radwag" AS.../C series are designed for precise determination of the mass of objects, liquids and bulk materials in the laboratory. This type of scales can be used in almost all industries and national economy, various research and pharmaceutical industry.


  • Analytical balances have all the necessary functions for users;
  • Internal automatic calibration (weight built-in scale);
  • The scale has a protective cap with access in three sides, which can be easily disassembled and cleaned.


  • counting the number;
  • ability to measure the density of solids and liquids;
  • control deviation during calibration;
  • report on results of calibration;
  • plate with system against overload;
  • RS 232 with replaceable parameters, possibility of continuous operation.

Internal automatic calibration:
- primary;
- temperature (if temperature deviation ± 3 ° C);
- in accordance with a predetermined time.

Модель Max, g Division, mg Internal calibration Platform diameter, mm
AS 60/220/C 60/220 0,01/0,1 + 70
AS 110/C 110 0,1 + 85
AS 220/C 220 0,1 +
AS 310/C 310 0,1 +
AS 110/C/1 110 0,1 -
AS 220/C/1 210 0,1 -

Scale accuracy class "I" according to ДСТУ EN45501:2007

Warranty period 2 years.

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