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Absolute tracker Leica AT960

Hexagon MI Leica (Switzerland)

Absolute tracker Leica AT960
Absolute tracker Leica AT960

AT960 system, which belongs to a new generation of portable CMMs based on proven technologies, combines the functions of 6DoF devices Leica Absolute Tracker AT901 with T-Cam technology and easy-to-use compact Leica Absolute Tracker AT402 . This is a "highly intelligent", but at the same time easy-to-use system for performing large-scale measurements, having a total weight of less than 14 kg.

Equipped with wireless data transmission and an additional battery, the AT960 design with built-in technologies makes a lengthy adjustment procedure a matter of the past. The Absolute Interferometer Leica Absolute Interferometer (AIFM) allows fast accurate measurements on moving targets, and PowerLock provides instant recovery of the interrupted beam without user intervention, which makes the operator´s work more efficient and reduces the requirements for his qualification. Intuitive operation with the touch screen minimizes possible user errors, saves time, effort and money. Simple test procedures and settings guarantee the performance of basic adjustments in the field, and a robust design ensures the operation of the device under severe conditions.

Using available middle and long distance modules, the AT960 laser tracker can measure in a volume of up to 120 m in diameter. Being compatible with reflectors, as well as with Leica T-Probe, Leica T-Scan and Leica T-Mac measuring instruments, the instrument can be used for a wide variety of applications and applications, ensuring measurement accuracy.

Multifunctional design
Equipped with built-in tools for determining the coordinates of both Leica T-Probe reflectors and measuring manipulators, Leica T-Scan scanners and the Leica T-Mac accurate positioning device, this compact versatile device is ultra-mobile, which makes it easy to transport and carry out measurements under any conditions.

The interrupted optical contact with the reflector is automatically restores in the range of +/- 5 degrees without user intervention, which facilitates the operation of the device in the loaded measuring space and significantly increases the productivity.

Battery power
The autonomous power supply from the battery of high capacity with the possibility of "hot" replacement allows you to quickly start measuring anywhere, without connecting to the electrical network using cables. This autonomy makes it easy to carry the device and increases its safety.

Built-in WiFi module simplifies communication with the PC, and also allows you to remotely control the device using laptops, tablets or smartphones. This is especially useful when performing measurements with a shorter brigade composition - one operator.

The sealed enclosure of the device, certified in accordance with IEC, provides protection from dust and moisture, allowing measurements by the Leica AT960 tracker even under the most unfavorable conditions

Weather station
Built-in meteorological device monitors environmental conditions, including temperature, pressure and humidity, in order to compensate for changes and ensure accuracy of measurements regardless of external factors.

Review Camera (OVC)
OVC color camera with high resolution allows the operator to remotely monitor the field of view of the tracker, to determine the location of targets for measurement on fixed reflectors - including multi-point processing of a single image.

Binding to a horizontal coordinate system (OTG)
OTG function allows users of the Leica AT960 to perform measurements linked to a plumb line: ideal for leveling and aligning tasks.

Absolute interferometer (AIFM)
Distance measuring device AIFM combines the accuracy of the absolute range finder and the speed of the interferometer, which makes it possible to carry out measurements quickly and accurately without requiring a control point on the device.

Fixing data at a frequency of 1 kHz
Real-time operation allows you to reliably fix the coordinates of the reflector or T-devices at a frequency of up to 1000 points per second, which makes it possible to receive more data at a high speed.

Embedded mini variozoom
Providing a constant field of view under all light conditions, zoom function of the mini variozoom provides the possibility of measuring with six degrees of freedom (6DoF) in applications for point-to-point sounding, scanning and measuring systems with high accuracy.

Accuracy: * Ux,y,z = ±15 mkm + 6 mkm /m
* All errors are defined as limit errors (MPE ie components 3σ) and are calculated according to ASME B89.4.19-2006 and the draft standard ISO10360-10 using high-precision RRR reflector Leica in a spherical casing with a diameter of 1.5ʺ
Angle accuracy:
Accuracy of distance measurement:
Dynamic fixation: ±10 mkm
Operating conditions of the environment
Dust/water: IP54 (IEC 60529)
Process temperature: 0˚C up to +40˚C
Frequency of fixing the coordinates of the target: 1 000 dots/s
Laser safe case: 2
IEC 60825-1 (2014-05) “ Safety of laser equipment”
EN 60825-1 (2007-10) “ Safety of laser equipment”
Leica T-Probe: ±35 mkm *
* In the case of T-Probe, it is necessary to add an additional error to the available error Leica Absolute Tracker AT960 "Uxyz" in order to obtain a general error "Uxyz"
Leica T-Scan: ±60 mkm
210 000 точек/с
Leica T-Mac *
Position accuracy: ±15 + 6 mkm/m
Typical turning accuracy: ±0,01 deg. **
Accuracy of rotation by time stamp: < 5 mc
* All errors are indicated for the marginal error (MPE). Typical measurement results correspond to half the MPE.
** Typical accuracy

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