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Leica absolute tracker AT901

Hexagon MI Leica (Switzerland)

Absolute trackers Leica Leica absolute tracker AT901

Absolute Tracker Leica AT901 from the company Leica Geosystems represent a portable measurement system in which the laser beam is used for the precise measurement of large-sized objects in a range of up to 160 m. With this system, data collection can be performed using a reflector, a wireless contact probe Leica T-Probe and high speed laser scanner Leica T-Scan. The measurement method may be selected depending on the task.

The family of laser trackers Leica AT901 includes three device. Depending on the task, you can select the most suitable option.

Absolute Tracker Leica AT901-Basic (basic version)

This model is a basic system for carrying out measurements in a range up to 160 m. All measurements are made only by means of a reflector. The system comes default with the absolute interferometer Leica Absolute Interferometer system and PowerLock. The functionality of the tracker can be significantly expanded set using additional accessories.

Absolute Tracker Leica AT901-Mid Range (mid-range)

This model is designed for measurements using a standard reflector in a confined space (inside the fuselage of a small shop, etc.). Typical measuring range of the system - 50 m. In combination with modules Leica T-Scan, T-Probe, or T-Mac models tracker Leica AT901-Mid Range provides a zone measuring up to 18 m. The system is supplied by default with the absolute interferometer Leica Absolute Interferometer and System PowerLock. The functionality of the tracker can be greatly enhanced through the use of additional accessories.

Leica absolute Tracker models AT901-Long Range - (wide-range)

Tracker of this model provides all the advantages of the use of modules Leica T-Scan, T-Probe, or T-Mac measurements in areas up to 30 m. Furthermore, Leica AT901-Long Range can be used in conjunction with a standard reflector. In this case, the measurement area can be increased to 160 meters. The system default is supplied with the absolute interferometer Leica Absolute Interferometer system and PowerLock. The functionality of the tracker can be greatly enhanced through the use of additional accessories.

The measuring system in a minimum set, including the case for transporting and storage, weighs less than 15 kg. Dimensions of the case lets you carry it not only in the car, but even in the luggage compartment of the aircraft.

Working in difficult conditions
Due to the tightness of design of the measuring system, regardless certified by IP54 (IEC 60529), Leica laser trackers can operate in harsh environments. The system maintains high accuracy during measurement of the coolant spray conditions, high humidity and dust, near welding and metal-cutting equipment, etc. Absolute Tracker Leica AT402 - this is the first laser tracker certified for outdoor use, even in rainy weather.

PowerLock Technology
In 2009, the company Leica Geosystems introduced for the first time ever the term PowerLock. PowerLock is a technology based on vision system that provides automatic detection of the reflector and pointing at him a laser beam. The system provides a well-directed hit of the beam, even in a moving target. Moreover the laser beam is directed only to the reflector without affecting the other objects.

Until the introduction of this technology work with the laser tracker, the work has always been complex and obscure for the operator. The operator had to spend excessive time on gaining experience for effective use of the tracker without interrupting the beam. Application of PowerLock technology significantly reduces operator´s training time and simplifies the tracker.

Wireless concept In order to ensure autonomous power measurement system, is used two identical batteries, one for the power supply of the tracker and the other to power supply of controller. When running on battery tracker is capable of performing measurements during a work shift. With decreasing of battery power to a critical level, the batteries can be replaced both with system shutdown and without disruption. In any case, the laser tracker will carry out its tasks without failures after replacing the battery.

Built-in wireless data interface of Wi-Fi allows you to get rid of connecting cables and this gives full freedom of action for operator.

Measurement of large objects
Vision angle of tracker Leica AT402 is full horizontal 360°, Vertical - ±45°. Given the maximum range - 160 meters and high accuracy, can be considered the laser tracker like measurement machine with an incredibly large measuring range.

Volumetric accuracy (Uxyz) Measurement error (Uxyz) is defined as the deviation of the measured coordinates from the nominal coordinates. Fault of measurement depends on the distance between the laser tracker and the measured point.

For absolute laser tracker Leica AT402 volumetric fault is ± 15 mkm + 6 mkm/m

All of these errors in the measurements was obtained using the 1.5 "reflector (1.5" Red Ring Reflectors) in standard mode with test point pace of 2 seconds on measurement point and at stable ambient conditions. Measurements were conducted in the linear range of from 1.5 to 80 m and an angular range of ± 45 ° vertically and 360° horizontally

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