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Absolute tracker Leica ATS600

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Absolute tracker Leica ATS600
Absolute tracker Leica ATS600

Manufacturers are showing increased interest in digital spot measurements and the control of large parts and surfaces that are outside the range of traditional hand-held three-dimensional laser scanners, contact sensors or reflectors. The Leica Absolute Tracker ATS600 tracker is ready for new challenges thanks to its unique operating principle, which allows you to accurately determine your location in space, while ensuring the accuracy of the metrological level and not requiring the installation of reflectors at the measurement point.

Built on the well-established Wave-Form Digitiser technology used in some high-end geodetic instruments, the ATS600 is equipped with the first absolute scanning rangefinder that implements the metrological application of this technical principle, which is able to determine the distance to the point with an accuracy of up to 300 microns at distances to 60 meters.

By measuring the sequence of such points in a user-defined measurement area, the ATS600 can quickly build a measuring grid that defines the resulting measurement surface. The density of such a grid is also customizable, which allows the operator to fully control the balance between the speed of the process and the level of detail that will be transferred to your metrology software.

With the Leica Absolute Tracker ATS600, objects that previously required a significant amount of time to digitize themselves or which processing was beyond the scope of effective measurement, can now be quickly brought into the world of three-dimensional analysis with the efforts of just one operator. Thanks to the first direct scan laser tracker, production quality control has the opportunity to cover entirely new areas of production, fundamentally changing our views on three-dimensional measurements.

The ATS600 also has many features familiar to us from other products from the Absolute Tracker model range, including measurement with reflectors at a distance of up to 80 meters with the PowerLock function. The combination of measurement capabilities using reflectors and direct scanning makes it possible to achieve impressive performance in all aspects of the measurement of large objects with fast scanning of specified surfaces and individual measurements on reflectors used for alignment and characterization tasks.

Features and Benefits:

Scanning Absolute Range Finder (ADM)
First scanning ADM allows the Leica Absolute Tracker ATS600 tracker to accurately determine the position of a point in coordinate space, both with and without a reflector, making it possible to perform standard point measurements using a laser tracker, along with the unique ability to digitize the surface at a distance of 60 meters without setting a target at the measurement point.

Variable Point Density
The density of the dot grid formed when measuring the surface with the ATS600 is set by the operator, allowing him to find the optimal balance between data quality and process speed.

Custom Scan
With the ATS600 tracker, there is no need to perform redundant measurements - just specify the required measurement area using the built-in overview camera or using the CAD data in the control program, and the system will limit the measurement process to the area that interests you - no time-consuming analysis of full hemisphere results is required to select from them the measurement data of several degrees.

Operator Independence
Leica Absolute Tracker ATS600, which does not require a target to perform measurements, is free from one of the most expensive parts of a typical laser tracker system - an operator located at the measurement point. Due to this, the laser tracker is ideal for automatization of measuring processes.

Measuring Process
Made as a separate measuring device, the ATS600 tracker is fully compatible with all common metrology software packages as standard, which allows it to be organically combined with the data processing procedures and standards currently in use.

Like all other models of our Absolute Tracker line of trackers, the ATS600 tracker comes with the well-known PowerLock feature as a measurement standard for reflectors, enabling you to automatically restore an interrupted line of sight without operator intervention.

Combined Measurements
The ATS600 is particularly effective when using both direct scanning and measurement of reflectors in one procedure, be it a quality check of large parts using surface scanning and a reflector to determine the elements of the part, or an assembly and adjustment procedure when the scan gives a complete image of the assembly and measurement using a reflector providing more accurate position reference.

Battery Power
A self-contained, hot-swappable power supply is also standard for the ATS600, allowing you to quickly and easily perform wireless installation of the device in almost any place, ensuring its high mobility: this is the ideal configuration of a laser tracker used on large work sites.

WiFi communication
The WiFi communication tools built into the ATS600 tracker contribute significantly to the portability of the system, making it even easier to operate a device that can be serviced by just one operator.

IP54 protection class
The ATS600 tracker is a sealed device with an IP54 protection class according to IEC, which provides guaranteed protection against dust and other contaminants, which allows the tracker to measure even in the most adverse conditions.

The built-in environmental monitoring device controls the parameters, including temperature, pressure and humidity, which allows accurate measurements to be obtained regardless of the effects of a harsh environment.

Integrated Design
Like all of our laser tracker systems, the ATS600 tracker was designed for portability; It weighs less than a kilogram and can be safely transported in one small transport case.

Gravity Orientation (OTG)
The OTG function allows users to make measurements along the Z axis, aligned with the direction of gravity: this is the ideal solution for performing leveling and leveling tasks.

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