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Modern means of measuring equipment


JENOPTIK Industrial Metrology Germany (Germany)

Waveline W920RC with Nanoscan measuring system for roughness and contour measurement and accessories
Waveline W920RC with Nanoscan measuring system for roughness and contour measurement and accessories

Short cycles for ultra-precise measurements

The Waveline W900 series was developed for measuring tasks in high-performance areas, e.g. in the environment of automated process chains. The systems have two interfaces for coupling the touch probes and optionally additional axes for automating measuring sequences. The arrangement of the touch probes and the innovative traverse concept ensure optimum access to the measuring points.

W900 measuring systems are used especially in automated measuring sequences for particularly fast and precise results. With their measuring axes, they guarantee short measuring cycles for complex measuring tasks and thus meet the highest demands on measuring technology. The high-precision traverse unit delivers excellent measuring accuracy in conjunction with the Nanoscan touch probe for combined roughness and contour measurement.

System features

  • Fast measurement technology
  • Highly flexible, dynamic measurement
  • Excellent measuring accuracy in combination with Nanoscan probe system
  • Extensive options for automated, CNC-controlled measurement runs
  • Dual operation of two probe systems; a roughness probe system can also be installed on the front of the traverse unit; also suitable for optional rotary module
  • Optional motorized tilt unit for precise adjustment of the tilt angle and automatic alignment of the probe to the workpiece level
  • Measuring Z column with linear scale at a resolution of 0.1 μm for measurement of vertical distances outside the Z measuring range of the probe; requires probe arm with double probe tip
  • Additional motorized Y axis or X-Y axis combination for automatic zenith search, topography measurement and workpiece positioning
  • Optional rotational axis for roughness measurement on cylindrical workpieces in circumferential and axial direction

W900 Mesuring probe


TKU400 with TAM probe arms: roughness measurement

  • Universal roughness probe system
  • Large measuring range (up to ± 800 µm)
  • Suitable for length and transverse measurements
  • Easily exchangeable probe arms


Digiscan with TD probe arms: contour measurement

  • Digital measuring system with high resolution
  • Optional top/bottom measurement
  • Probe arms with magnetic coupling and electronic detection
  • Extensive range of probe arm solutions


Surfscan with WCN probe arms: roughness and contour measurement rolled into one

  • Roughness measurement in the measuring range of 8 mm with a resolution of 3 nm
  • Probe arms with magnetic coupling and electronic detection
  • Optional top/bottom measurement


Nanoscan with WCN probe arms: roughness and contour measurement rolled into one

  • Ultra-precise opto-mechanical probe system
  • Wide measuring range with extremely high resolution
  • Excellent roughness and contour measuring accuracy in conjunction with W900

Probe arm

Measuring range | Resolution

Probe system





Standard length ±400 µm | 1 nm 60 mm | 10 nm 8 mm | 3 nm 24 mm | 0.3 nm
2-fold length ±800 µm | 2 nm 90 mm | 15 nm 16 mm | 6 nm 48 mm | 0.6 nm

For more information about the system specifications, see the link Waveline W600/W800/W900 specifications.


Evaluation software for roughness and contour measurement


Evovis, the measurement and evaluation software for roughness and contour measurement, offrs a standardized user interface with easy-to-understand control logic and extensive support functions for designing individual measurement applications. Its applications range from simple measurements of a single characteristic to fully automated measurement applications within the Industry 4.0 environment.

User-friendly, intuitive operation

  • Modern user interface for safe operation with little training needed
  • Central control with all frequently used operating and display functions in one view
  • Measuring station control with live display
  • Automatic system confiuration when changing the probe system or probe arm
  • Extensive statistical functions
  • Interactive analysis and evaluation functions
  • Central administration of all test characteristics
  • Evaluation of roughness parameters in the contour profile
  • Roughness and contour parameters summarized in a table for further statistical evaluation

Optimised measurement runs: CNC editor

  • Fast and easy programming of automated measurement and evaluation processes with a click of the mouse
  • Clear representation in a graphic workflow
  • Reduction of operator influences
  • Comprehensive function library

Option CNC Professional

  • Programming of complex, automated measuring processes with axis control, electronic workpiece identification, simplified user interface and automated data export

Documented quality

  • Individual, free design of test plans as well as display and print reports
  • Easy design and management of templates
  • Automatic, electronic archiving of the reports

Software functions and options for specifi measurement tasks

Roughness measurement and evaluation

  • Individual, free design of test plans as well as display and print reports
  • All common parameters in accordance with ISO 21920, ISO 4287 and other ISO and national standards
  • Assistant for quick selection of roughness parameters and defiition of the measurement conditions for safe processes and simple implementation of complex measurement tasks
  • Interactive profile analysis functions for surface parameters
  • Evaluation of the measurement results according to tolerance specifiations with display in a compact form
  • All globally standardized surface parameters for primary, roughness and waviness profiles
  • Optionally expandable with function-oriented parameters

Contour measurement and evaluation

  • Contour evaluation with assessment of geometric dimensions, tolerancing of profiles and extensive functions for the assessment of line profile deviations
  • Processing of several profiles/characteristics in one test plan
  • Evaluation of complex geometric elements such as Gothic arcs or edge geometries
  • Icon-based features for quick test plan creation
  • Realization of complex applications thanks to precise fiting procedures and various auxiliary elements

Evaluation of several profiles in one run

  • Top/Bottom measurement
  • Parallelism, angles and distance between several profiles

Automated calibration (contour)

  • Guided calibration process with recording of the history
  • Automatic calibration in CNC mode
  • Management of the calibration means


  • qs-STAT® (Q-DAS ASCII transfer format): AQDEF-certified statistics export interface
  • Dominant waviness according to VDA 2007
  • TwistLive® twist evaluation in accordance with Daimler standard MBN 31 007-07 with additional quick analysis method and live display
  • 3D topography evaluation

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