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Hexagon MI Wilcox Associates, Inc. (USA)


Industrial Metrology Solutions PC-DMIS for Control and Process Improvement

PC-DMIS software developed by Wilcox Associates is the world´s leading metrology software. This software is globally used by companies to measure the shape parameters, sizes and tolerances of parts of any size. The use of PC-DMIS simplifies the adjustment of installation tools and geometric checks of any parts - from straight and body parts, to contours and surfaces of parts of the most complex shape. At the same time, since this software meets the requirements of all international standards of software for coordinate measuring machines, you can always be sure of the correctness of the results you obtained.

PC-DMIS PRO meets the basic needs of companies that do not need CAD integration and do not need to measure details of complex geometric shapes. The PRO configuration is ideal for novice users who do not have experience with CAD, to perform part programming tasks. There are functions that allow to optimize the technological process, including the "approximate evaluation" mode for automatically determining the parameters to be measured, and also the Quick Start procedures that automate the set of basic metrological functions. It also offers a rich selection of programming, analysis and reporting tools.

PC-DMIS CAD is ideal for manufacturers of prismatic parts that want to implement CAD in verification procedures. It extends the capabilities of the PRO version, giving customers the ability to program and verify details using CAD models, ranging from simple 2D drawings to 3D solid models. CAD version allows full use of all PC-DMIS communication technologies with CAD. It has an intuitive graphical interface (GUI), and also includes powerful wizard programs that help designers go through the entire programming process. CAD version contains a library of kinematic models of mechanisms, allowing them to be modeled, and also allows users, in the case necessary, add new models.

PC-DMIS CAD ++ allows you to measure the most difficult parts. It includes all the capabilities of CAD, and also allows you to measure complex surfaces, including thin-walled sheet metal, plastic, blades, dies and molds. Version of CAD ++ supports a variety of applications for scanning devices, and also includes algorithms for processing large amounts of data. It provides communication with CAD, which makes it possible to compare the measurement results directly with models with unmatched speed and accuracy. This is a multifunctional, but easy-to-use tool.
PC-DMIS TOUCH combines the ease of the tablet interface with the power of the Windows 8 Professional platform. Using an intuitive graphical interface, users are able to quickly conduct individual measurements without creating programs for measurement procedures. Automatic procedures will help the user easily perform complex measurement tasks, and a simple TOUCH will save the plan for checking additional details. Interactive display of measurement parameters will help the user to select the right components when creating sets of dimensional data or design parameters. Another TOUCH, and the user will be able to quickly update the nominal data and the error values, after which, after scrolling to the right, see and print the verification report. Each scan report is saved separately for future views.

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