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Artec Studio

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Artec Studio
Artec Studio

Scan and process data at an incredible rate.

Artec Studio is a powerful program for 3D scanning and data processing.
3D-scanners Artec work with the program Artec Studio, which has received wide recognition among professional users. It automated most of the processes of 3D-scanning and data processing. With the help of sound and visual signals, the program tells you how to scan the object most effectively. At the end of scaning, you can optimize the resulting model with improved algorithms and functions. As a result, you get a perfect 3D copy of the object.

3D scanning process was never that easy. New Artec Studio features:
  • Powerful algorithm for tracking texture and geometry.
    New advanced Artec Studio algorithms provide effective tracking of texture and geometry, even if you have made a sharp turn, swing or other motion of the scanner.

  • Align real-time frames.
    New feature of Artec Studio is the recognition of complex scanning areas and the automatic rearrangement of the resulting images during scanning. This significantly reduces the time required for subsequent processing of 3D data.

  • Automatic continuous scanning.
    It sometimes happens that you move the scanner too far away from the subject with an excessively sharp movement. Continue scanning in this case is easier thanks to the algorithms of automatic continuous scanning. With them, scanning is much easier and faster!

  • Sensor support.
    Artec Studio Ultimate version is compatible with various sensors: Microsoft Kinect V1 V2, ASUS XTion, PrimeSense Carmine, Intel RealSense F200 (IVCAM), R200 (DS4).

For more information about 3D scanners from the company Artec 3D (USA), you can find out by clicking on the link: Artec 3D scanners .

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