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InnovMetric Software Inc. (Canada)


PolyWorks® software package, developed by InnovMetric Software Inc, Canada, is the main software solution for dimensional product control over a point cloud and reengineering.
When performing casting, milling, pressing or stamping, you can switch to using the PolyWorks package for the complete solution of any production tasks. PolyWorks software package is available as a complete software package or as a package for solving two basic applications-dimensional control tasks for point cloud or reengineering tasks.

PolyWorks Inspector ™ - the program (for receiving control over the point cloud) will provide you the following options:

  • use a cloud of high-density points obtained as a result of digitizing parts and assemblies to quickly identify abnormalities and resolve problems at their early stages of development in the process of manufacturing parts;
  • check your workflow on the basis of the application of total acceptance inspection of your first collected product;
  • continuously monitor the production cycle by automatically measuring the degree of tool wear and prompt detection of any sharp deterioration in the quality of products;
  • check for compliance with the requirements of the final manufactured and collected products by performing simple receiving and testing operations using automated technologies.

PolyWorks Modeler ™ - the program (for reengineering) will provide you the following options:
  • generate technologically advanced polygonal models of class A;
  • transform the aligned cloud data into a high-precision polygon model using the unique adaptive technique of forming a cellular topological model based on the established tolerances;
  • reconstruct geometric elements into perfect polygonal models and imperfectly digitized data on such elements;
  • apply all standard CAD operations directly to polygon models and prepare such models for a wide variety of production applications such as shape fitting, rapid prototyping, reengineering, acceptance testing, comprehensive TP analysis - CFD & FEA - finite element analysis, analysis of digital data, etc .;
  • create smooth and logical surfaces based on the use of NURBS - heterogeneous rational B-splines, easily edited in CAM / CAD programs;
  • use automatic means of tracking geometric elements for the rapid formation of grid images in the form of segments of curves; curves can also be highlighted interactively by using only one mouse click;
  • limit the process of automatic surface formation to the level of a predetermined curve to form a more logical network of modeling curves;
  • adjust the stiffness of empirical NURBS spline surfaces that mimic sheet metal materials to achieve perfectly smooth surfaces without undulating display contours;
  • optimize your own successive efforts in subsequent CAD applications by minimizing the number of points and contour areas of the surface by increasing the smoothness of the pastings and simplifying the process of creating perfect groups of curves for approximating the geometric elements of the surface.

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