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Hexagon MI PTS GmbH (Germany)

Typical cog wheels and gear cutting equipment
Typical cog wheels and gear cutting equipment

QUINDOS - specialized software for checking parts with gearing.

The software package (software) QUINDOS provides simple and operative monitoring of the gearing parameters of any types. With the support of options from the QUINDOS software package, the operational capabilities of the CMM are extended to a specialized full-scale measuring machine for monitoring the dimensional parameters of the gearing. The user must enter only some characteristic parameters for the control (module, type, direction, etc.). All trajectories during the control of the part on the CMM, characteristic control points and scan lines are formed automatically. Due to its open architecture Quindos can work with coordinate measuring machines produced not only by Hexagon MI, but also by other world manufacturers.

The QUINDOS software package includes more than 50 different modules.

Measurement of the dimensions of cylindrical gears (CG), straight or helical gears, internal and external gearing on high precision coordinate measuring machines. Evaluation of parameters according to the requirements of DIN, ISO, JIS, AGMA, ANSI, CNOMO or CAT standards with and without eccentricity measurement. Modification of the profile, pitch of the helix and error. The QUINDOS Gear software package contains software controls for fine modular CG with direct and involute gearing in accordance with DIN 5481 and DIN 5482.

QUINDOS Unknown Gear
Measurement of dimensional parameters of spur and helical gears with internal and external gearing or segments of CG with unknown parameters. An evaluation is performed for all standard parameters, that is, the module, the engagement angle and the angle of inclination of the screw line of CG, the displacement of the initial contour of the gearing, etc.

QUINDOS Gear Gauges
For calibration of evolvent patterns and pitch of the screw using ultra precision coordinate measuring machines. Straight toothed and screw CG with left and right tooth. FELLOWS - for CG with a typical or involute lateral tooth engaging surface. (This option requires the use of high-precision CMM, for example, the Leitz Infinity model).

QUINDOS Straight Bevel Gear
Monitoring and evaluation of the helical surface, pitch profile, tooth thickness of spur beams CG in accordance with the requirements of DIN 3965, parts 1 and 2. When used not in the tool industry, it can be used for measuring molds and dies.

QUINDOS Spiral Bevel Gear
Measurement of spiral bevel gears with involute engagement, including measurement of coronal CG with a straight-line profile in accordance with the requirements of AGMA 390.03a, Ed. 1988, ANSI / AGMA 2009-A98 and DIN 3965, parts 1 and 2. Dimensional evaluation of geometric shape, machined pitch surface and tooth thickness, etc. With the software interface QUINDOS to GAGE 4 / WIN from Gleason Works, KIMOS from Klingelnberg and DMG.

Measurement of dimensional parameters and evaluation of cylindrical CG in accordance with standards CATEGORY 1E0392 and 1E4157. The package contains modules Tip Modification / Modifications of the tooth head profiles, Undercut / Root Fillet / Cropping area, Harmonic Amplitude H1 / Harmonic analysis and layout of the diagrams in accordance with specifications for CAT automated monitoring tools.
It is necessary to use the option QUINDOS Gear - to control the CG. Certification of the test procedure is required at Caterpillar Inc, USA.

QUINDOS Sprocket
Measurement and evaluation of the parameters of the teeth of sprockets (chain wheels) in accordance with the requirements of DIN 8196. Options should be checked by MTWZ and additional programming costs are possible.
It is necessary to apply the QUINDOS Curves option - for analysis of curves.

QUINDOS and the coordinate-measuring arm ROMER Absolute Arm
By combining the QUINDOS software and the ROMER Absolute Arm, you can obtain a unique tool for controlling oversized CGs. All cylindrical CG (internal, external, simple and worm gears) can be quickly measured in an intuitive environment.

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