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Hexagon MI ROMER (France)


Specially designed for ROMER Absolute Arm manipulators, the TubeShaper software is the most advanced pipe measurement software ever created by Hexagon Metrology.

TubeShaper with a modern user interface allows to use all the metrological potential of the ROMER Absolute Arm for all pipe inspection applications. Calculations and application of recoil values, bend correction, reverse engineering and inspection of pipe parts using the CAD model are now easier and quicker than ever, ensuring that time and costs are reduced directly in the shop floor with a single simple package.

TubeShaper is the result of the accumulated experience of three decades in the field of pipeline inspection. The program was developed in cooperation with the world´s leading pipe manufacturers. As a result, a software package has appeared that perfectly corresponds to the modern requirements of quality managers and guild workers. Measurement plans are created automatically during the first time inspection or can be completely determined and set before the measurement starts, allowing group measurements to be made faster with reproducibility. Thanks to the use of advanced CAD functions and contact sensors of the ROMER Absolute Arm, it is possible to check the complete pipe assemblies, including welded brackets, hangers and flanges. Never before has the pipe measuring software been so complete.

Features and benefits

Pipe bending interface
Direct interface with CNC pipe bending machines, working in real time, allows you to calculate and apply corrective data during the production process, ensuring accurate operation and minimizing the remains. Several pipe bending machines can be supported from one Tube Inspection System workstation.

Full impact control
Pipe designs with preloading, used in the TubeShaper as standard, make it easy to calculate the recoil and stretch values. They are stored in a library with free access for use on other pipe structures, accelerating subsequent adjustments.

Measuring plans for fast group measurements
Whenever a new pipe is measured, the data is automatically saves as a measurement plan, which can be subsequently launched at any time. Measurement plans can also be prepared autonomously, prior to making measurements, which means reducing the time of intervention in the work of the system in the workshop while ensuring accuracy and repeatability.

Automatic reporting
Measurement reports can be generated automatically, which allows you to monitor constantly the work of the bending machine and identify problems directly in the shop before they become critical.

Generate custom reports
Drag-and-drop functions allow you to create special and company reports, displaying the report data in the desired form.

Importing and exporting CAD data
CAD models can be imported into TubeShaper in the formats IGES and STEP, used as standard, while other popular CAD formats will be available as an additional function. For reverse engineering applications, pipe geometric data can be exported as IGES or SV (pipe only) files.

Measurements using pipe and contact sensors
Users can use both pipe and contact sensors, changing them in the TubeShaper on the go and not performing a recalibration. This makes this product ideal for checking the position of geometric parts, such as welded flanges and brackets. The measurement function is supplied as standard with each TubeShaper license.

User profiles
TubeShaper program is designed for two types of users: those who need full functionality, and those who need speed; for this, the program has two different interfaces. The Engineering interface provides full access to all functions, while the Shop-floor interface provides access to the main functions of the software package with a simplified user interface with enlarged icons for working on the touch screen or for controlling the program using the ROMER Absolute Arm.

Intuitive graphical interface
Created to improve performance with minimal user training, the TubeShaper software was carefully designed to help the user perform the most important functions with absolutely minimal mouse use. Navigating the tangled drop-down menus is now a thing of the past. TubeShaper software compatible with Windows 8.1 touch screen.

Quick reverse engineering
Without using complex point clouds or data obtained by laser scanning, the TubeShaper software can output measurement data in a CAD-compatible format for reverse engineering applications, spending minutes instead of hours.

Compatibility with legacy systems
TubeShaper software can work on any ROMER Absolute Arm, as well as on the previous generations of ROMER Infinite and ROMER Stinger. This software can also import files from SupraVision, G-Tube and DOCS pipe control platforms, which simplifies the upgrade of existing systems.

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