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Radar sensor VEGAPULS 69

New products from VEGA Radar sensor VEGAPULS 69


Continuously striving for excellence in designing of instruments for level measuring, German company VEGA offers completely new model of radar sensor VEGAPULS 69, intended for level measurement of bulk materials. This device operates at a frequency of 79 GHz and equipped the innovative lens antenna. This makes it possible to achieve much better focusing of the transmission signal. Especially in vessels and silos with many installations, the good focusing helps to reduce the influence of false signals considerably. At such a high frequency the new antenna receives the slightest echoes. The products with poor reflective properties, such as plastic powder or wood chips can now be reliably measured. Measuring range is up to 120 m with accuracy of ± 5 mm permits the VEGAPULS 69 to operate successfully in a very high, narrow and even segmented vessels.

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