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New compact radar level sensors VEGA

New products from VEGA New compact radar level sensors VEGA


VEGA has extended its radar sensor portfoliio with a new instrument series. The 80 GHz based sensors are suitable for more price-sensitive applications, such as those found in the water and waste water industry. With their precise focusing, they deliver reliable measured values regardless of external conditions such as temperature or buildup on the sensor.

The new instrument series is available as compact version with cable connection compartment or with fixed cable connection (IP68). VEGAPULS operates with a transmission frequency of 80 GHz. With an 80mm antenna, this yields a beam angle of only 3°. This means the radar sensor only receives clear, distinct reflections from the measured medium. This makes the measurement even more accurate and reliable.

The instrument series is complemented by VEGAMET controllers, which feature a large graphic display that can be used to visualise all measured values. Since it was specially designed to meet the needs of the water and wastewater industry, the instrument series is ideal for simple implementation of pump control, flow measurement in open channels or overfill protection according to WHG. The controllers have a weatherproof field housing to protect them against the effects of weather.

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