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New reflex level sensors VEGAFLEX series 80

VEGA presents new reflex level gauges of VEGAFLEX series 80, which are a natural and timely stage of development the successful and proven time series of VEGAFLEX 60 and the integrated plics® concept. VEGA reflex level meters are used in all industries where accurate and reliable level gauges for liquids, bulk solids, and for measuring the level of interfacial liquid level are required.

Range of applications of VEGAFLEX 80 level gauges is more versatile than ever. The customer can easily choose the most suitable device to his requirements. Replaceable cable, rod or coaxial probes, made of a variety of materials. Large selection of process connection options and output signals. Even more simple and understandable parameter setting, automatic diagnostics, including SIL specifications, innovative functions for automatic probe length detection and adjustment for dielectric permeability of the product.

VEGAFLEX 80 level gauges are clearly divided into four models, corresponding to the main application areas, which makes the selection process of the instrument much more understandable and allows harmonizing the nomenclature of the devices purchased by the enterprise.

VEGAFLEX 80 series includes the following models:
  • VEGAFLEX 81 - Universal level gauge for liquids;
  • VEGAFLEX 82 - Durable level gauge for bulk solids;
  • VEGAFLEX 83 - For the food and pharmaceutical industry, as well as for aggressive liquids;
  • VEGAFLEX 86 - For high pressures and temperatures.

In combination with the VEGAPASS 81 bypass device, VEGA reflex level meters allow continuous measurement of the liquid level outside the tank. Baybas consists of a remote column with an installed level, connected to the tank by two horizontal tubes. This connection guarantees equal level in the tank and the remote column. The bypass is a gauge that does not contain mechanical assemblies, isolated from turbulence in the reservoir and formed foam, which ensures the measurement of liquids even with a low dielectric constant.

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