ISO 9001:2015
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VEGAMIP 61 level switch

New products from VEGA VEGAMIP 61 level switch

The microwave barrier VEGAMIP 61 is preferably used as a universal level indicator for bulk solids. But the tool also offers the possibility of signaling the limit level of liquids or detecting objects.

Microwave barrier , consisting of one VEGAMIP R61 transmitter and one or more VEGAMIP T61 receivers, switches output relay, when the received signal is attenuated. VEGAMIP 61 can detect the level through the non-metallic walls of the tank. On metal tanks, the sensor can be installed in a suitable branch pipe or at a window made of plastic, glass or ceramics. The window also provides protection against mechanical stress and high temperatures. The microwave barrier can thus be completely isolated from the process.

All advantages:
  • Absolutely non-contact measurement principle
  • Insensitive to staining, adherence and dust
  • Insensitive to changes in product properties and temperature
  • Ideal for harsh environments
  • Easy to operate and configure the device
  • Compact signaling device, no secondary devices required

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