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Radar level transmitter for factory automation

New products from VEGA Radar level transmitter for factory automation

2023. The compact and fast radar level transmitter VEGAPULS 42 for measurement of liquids and bulk materials is an ideal solution for афсещкн automation tasks, equipped with a modern IO-Link output interface.

VEGAPULS 42 combines modern technology for non-contact level measurement with a frequency of 80 GHz, wide application possibilities and optimal cost. The stainless steel housing, together with a variety of hygienic adapters, allows it to be used in all industries.

Measurement range up to 15 m with an accuracy of ± 2 mm, Operating temperature +130 °C with the possibility of short-term cleaning at +150 °C.

IO-Link output interface allows you to configure the level transmitter with three output signal options:

  • Two transistor outputs;
  • Analog output 4...20 mA and one transistor output;
  • IO-Link digital output for bidirectional data transfer with the ability to remotely configure and diagnose the device.

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