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Modern means of measuring equipment

New indicating and adjustment devices VEGADIS

New products from VEGA New indicating and adjustment devices VEGADIS

VEGA presents two new compact sealed devices for indicating and adjusting VEGA and other manufacturers. New models are equipped with a new unified type of enclosure in which the standard module PLICSCOM is installed.

VEGADIS 81 - External indicating and adjustment device for VEGA level gauges. It is connected to VEGA devices via a four-wire communication line up to 50 m long, which is 2 times longer than that of its predecessor VEGADIS 61 . Allows you to display measured values and perform remote configuration and diagnostics of VEGA equipment using a convenient menu system in Russian. Does not require external power. Can be used in the field. The display is rotated relative to the housing.

VEGADIS 82 - Universal indicating and adjustment unit for all devices with an output current signal of 4 ... 20 mA or 4 ... 20 mA / HART ® . The device is connected directly to the break of the current line and does not require external power. It has the ability to display a current signal, and for HART signals ® - has access to measured values and allows editing standard HART values and performing HART commands.

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