ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment

Oil and gas industry

Oil and gas companies require weight control and accounting of output and raw materials. To solve such problems, UA Company KODA Ltd offers weighbridges and wagon scales. Moreover, our experts perform modernization of old mechanical weighbridges and wagon scales, converting them into new electronic ones equipped with analog and digital sensors and advanced software. Accounting of product can be accomplished with the help of TASKODA, TVSKODA and TPKODA software. Our product range includes general-purpose scales, platform scales for warehouses, points of sale, silo scales.

Measuring of condensed gas level in bypass pipes or down comers is executed by means of reflex or radar level sensors, designed for operating with low dielectric constant substances.

Measuring of the bottom water level and other cases of liquids interface level in reservoirs is performed with the help of special reflex level sensors. If simultaneous processing of the interface level values, overall level in a reservoir and their difference is necessary, then a multichannel signal adapter is applied.

Large storage tanks for oil products due to large surface area of liquid require the most precision level measurement. Modern radar level gauges provide accuracy of ± 2 mm with a resolution of ± 1 mm.