ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment

Food industry

For purchase inspection of the products needed for the food industry production, our company offers platform scales with a variety of weighing capacity range, silo scales and batchers. This process be can automated by TPKODA software. Our product range includes scales for laboratories, warehouses and weighing vehicles.

For companies manufacturing wrapping film, glass and PET containers, KODA supplies tools and thickness measuring systems, and is also engaged in monitoring of geometric features of the product.

When dealing with alimentary products, organic waste may be caught in the equipment and cause malfunctions. Certus scales have a high degree of load cells protection and can be manufactured of stainless steel on request.

Milk processing and fruit juice production require the continuous monitoring of such parameters as pressure, temperature and level of compliance with strict hygiene standards. For this purpose measuring equipment in hygienic design are used.

Beer production is characterized by high moisture of premises and use of active detergents. Here we use equipment for measuring pressure, temperature, level and weight in hygienic design made entirely of stainless steel.

In sugar production at the early stages of transportation with the help of band conveyors, washing and chopping, measuring of weight and level under high humidity and pollution conditions is required. Our solutions take these features into account.

To determine the amount of flour in containers, it is necessary to implement either method of weight measuring with the help of various components for electronic weighing systems or using level meters and level switches.