ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment


Enterprises of the agricultural sector require monitoring and accounting of the production flow, fertilizers, feed, etc. Truck, wagonsilo and platform scales, offered by the  company KODA, provide efficient weighing in accordance with the domestic and international standards subject to the agricultural production conditions. Software TASKODA, TVSKODA and TPKODA is designed to automate the process of weighing. Scales of the Certus series have a built-in accumulator, which provides an opportunity to work directly in the field. There are also scales for laboratory, warehouse and trade in the product range.

Within the cropping period, a crucial aspect of work is speed of the obtained product processing and reliability of scales. Scales have a wide selection of platforms, wide weighing range, provide high speed and accuracy of weighing.

Livestock farms while selling their product are often unable to accurately determine the live weight of cattle. Our company offers special animal scales with the functions of averaging equipped with a special enclosure.

At elevators and ports, it is very important to determine the amount of product in silos. To determine the amount of product in large silos, radar or reflex level meters are used. Level meters are also applied to control and regulate the level of reservoirs and canals in irrigation systems.