ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment


Steel plants require monitoring of product, necessary for production needs, as well as of finished goods issue. Truck and wagon scales, scales of Metal series, manufactured by KODA, by means of TASKODA, TVSKODA and TPKODA software solve problems of monitoring and accounting of output.

At steel mills molten metal is weighted at elevated temperatures, under conditions of dust and gas contamination and high humidity. UA Company KODA Ltd representing in Ukraine the company EHP (Germany) offers crane scales of high accuracy (which rapidly compensates the scales cost due to more accurate dosing of expensive alloy components), with a wide range of hooks available and heat protection for working in the area of ​​metal teeming. There is a wide selection of equipment for data transmission via wireless channel to a PC for arrangement and storing data with subsequent printing. EHP crane scales can be used for weighing bulky and long-measuring loads, as well as under other conditions where there are several load lifting points (the «Master-Slave» system).

We offer a wide range of pressure gauges and pressure transducers for hydraulic and pneumatic systems, pumping stations, compressors, and mechanical and electronic devices for temperature measuring as well.

To determine the number of components in containers, it is necessary to implement either method of weight measuring with the help of various electronic weighing systems or using level meters and level switches.

Storage and grinding of iron ore is associated with a large amount of stored and transported material, which is controlled by means of radar level sensors that are optimized for dealing with bulk solids.

For steel plants it is important to analyze geometric characteristics of castings, including bulky ones. Such an analysis is carried out using measuring tools, sometimes conditions require usage of coordinate measuring machines (CMM) of various executions. The Company KODA offers measuring tools of a global leader, TESA (Switzerland), and CMMs of Hexagon Metrology DEA, Italy. A substantial number of tasks regarding measurement of large parts and casting moulds are solved due to application of coordinate measuring arms, produced by of Hexagon Metrology ROMER and Leica trackers (Switzerland) supplied by our company.