ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment


Mining enterprises require monitoring and accounting of factory shipments. In order to solve these issues, our company can offer weighbridges, including ones for rock handler weighing, wagon scales, and scales for loaders. Moreover, our experts perform modernization of old mechanical truck and wagon scales, converting them into new electronic ones equipped with analogue and digital load cells and advanced software.

For weighing small production lots, platform (including scales with a reinforced platform of the Metal series) and silo scales can be used. Accounting of product can be accomplished with the help of TASKODA, TVSKODA and TPKODA software.

UA Company KODA Ltd, representing the EHP company (Germany) in Ukraine, offers crane scales of high accuracy with capacity from 1 to 100 tons (which rapidly compensates the scales cost due to more accurate dosing of expensive materials), with a wide range of hooks available. There is a wide selection of equipment for data transmission via wireless channel to a PC for data arrangement and storing, and subsequent printing. All scales of the EHP company according to their class of dust and moisture protection, and temperature compensation mode are designed for use on open platforms (protection class according to ГОСТ 14254 - IP 65, operating temperature range is from -20 to + 90 º C). Scales can be equipped with additional devices for precipitation and occupational dust protection on request.

Coal and ore level measurement in underground tanks requires special equipment durability and compliance with specfic permits for application in underground mines.

Storage and grinding of iron ore is associated with a large amount of stored and transported material, which is controlled by means of radar level sensors that are optimized for dealing with bulk solids.